What Their Eyes Know

What Their Eyes Know


She, who called herself a Goddess,

More beautiful than Aphrodite herself,

Fragile like a crystal,

Delicate like a diamond,

Desired by many; owned by no one.


He, whose complexions were greater than any other man,

Valiant warrior was he known,

Who’s heart was ambitious,

Desired by beauty; rejected by her.


Faith that night was written.

On the coldest hour of night, and wind furiously blew.

To nowhere they drove,

Angry, miserable, and destroyed she felt.

Furious and useless, was the last he showed.

Like two starts brightening at night,

She elevated herself to the skies,

Slowly the flashback started,

Within seconds their lives were taken away.

Like the first time, they met, to never see each other again.

And the most desirable human beings, now rested. 


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