What Teenagers Want


I want a concert ticket

I want it cheap off the streets

I want it to my favorite band

I want to go.

And no one can stop me.

I want to wear my favorite top

And my ripped skinny jeans

I want to strut

Down the street like a

Badass in a slow motion

Movie scene,

Past all the houses

With the good little girls

Sitting in bed,

Past the courthouse where

The drunks go to wed.

I want to lose myself in

The music where nothing else matters.

I want that concert ticket bad.

I want it to start rumors

About me, to keep the children

Off the streets and the mothers

To keep hating me.

When I find it, I'll hold

On to that ticket with my life,

Through the caps and gowns

And the college rifts,

It'll be the goddamned

Ticket they bury me with.



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