what should the words i love you mean

whatever happens should be in the benefits of myself and others

happiness is only one component of a relationship

all that matters is physical, mental, and emotional understanding

the truth is relationships lack trust and that's important

staying there in sickness and in health is what vows say

how is it that many don't listen, yet they claim love

over and over the term compromised is stressed

understanding is implied

love is wanted, but is it needed with signs of negativity

do you ever have to out weigh the bad with good

thinking back more than usual on certain events

having the thought that hope is the only thing there

everyone deserves a healthy relationship

with behaviors such as positive communication

oh come on how could you go wrong

really it's all in the matter of respecting each others boundaries

don't make every little thing about you that's why its called a relationship

signs do show, early or late

it's all in the matter of paying attention

listening may very well be the key

others may say i love you, but do they show it

voices are eveywhere, yet love can be expressed in infinite ways

each person has their own definition of what love should be

yes love is patient; love is kind

often people lose sight that relationship behaviors show in many ways

united as friends, married. associates, or even business partners

making contact with others in positive ways is whats really healthy

expecting the best out of each other

always being there for the better and when it counts

never giving up while showing encouragement is true consistency





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