What really matters when you're in love.....ve

Has anyone ever wonder how roger rabbit managed to get Jessica?,

How goofy wooed Cowbella?

or What Daisy saw in Donald?

I never met a women who could teach the stars to burn bright.

Her skin just always seemed to glow.

And I never men who was so stupid that he attempted to try and find a deeper meaning to spongebob

The epitome of Beauty meets the definition of idocracy.

Leaves the world wondering who the fuck shot that arrow cause it sure wasn't Cupid.

He slouches when he walks and spits as he talks.

But the smile on her face is as warm as day.

she never acknowledges that fact that he can't name 7 of the 50 states or remember their first date.

Its like Cinderella skipped out on her Prince Charming for Patrick.

But, all she sees in the stars in his eyes.

His smiles still breaks and shake to her knees and makes her skin shiver

And no one understands why.

I've never seen anyone so beautiful fall in love with someone who talks out their ass 

but when asked about him all she says is

he makes me laugh.

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