What Is Priceless To Me?

 If priceless can be measured by worth

Then the internet is the greatest thing on earth!

My life would be so difficult without this precious,

And a poem about the internet would be hilarious.


But if priceless means something I cherish,

Something so valuable, it can never perish,

Then in all seriousness, cliché as this is,

That priceless thing would be my family.


Actually, I did not care for these people

I eagerly got away from this treacherous hole!

I wanted to leave behind the dysfunctions,

The quarrels, the anger, the crooked communications.


Family is supposed to be your strong foundation,

But mine has never been a source of motivation.

We were embarrassed of being seen together,

And never had normal conversations during dinner.


I always argued and fought with my sisters.

Our feelings for each other were really bitter.

While my mother seemed to enjoy screaming,

And she didn't hesitate to give us beatings.


Then there's my gracious father, who kept believing

That this family would experience a faith-healing.

His heart never ceased to shower us with affection.

His wisdom firmly yet gently gave us corrections.


My father kept me from falling into depression,

And taught me to healthily transform my aggression.

So technically, the one thing that is truly priceless

Would be his unconditional love and great kindness.


Sometimes in exhaustion, he can be standoffish.

Tired of hearing others' complaints, he'd act selfish.

Though times like that usually don't last long,

For my father's perseverance is quite strong.


Despite the hardship, this is exactly where I belong,

With my family, learning to forgive and get along.

After all, nothing is always functional and perfect,

So this family I love, I choose not to neglect.




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