What Poetry Means to Me

I can express myself freely no judgement required

With pen, paper and thought the words just seem to acquire

Although miles away I still have the power to inspire

Something as little as a sentence will be treasured

The value of a poem will never be measured 

It’s wonderful, beautiful and an art of the essence

Whether slam, haiku, limerick or imagery there will always be a message

Poetry has taught me many memorable lessons

Mentally and physically, I can’t help but to think how my generation forgot

Raps are just poems but with a little hip-hop

Their voice, some of their wits and their amazing actions are now gone and extracted

Wise words once told, now provocative have become a big distraction

It shapes me but I hope it impacts more

I will never understand this crazy, curious world

Poetry has told me there is more to life than wants,

As I read the lines of rhythm, the words pop out and taunt

They taunt me into thinking about some beautiful place or thing

I can’t imagine what it would really be

But knowing I can do so much with those words

I become shocked and amazed at the nerves

I can express myself freely no judgement required

Poetry is more than several rhyming words, it’s a deep internal smile


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