What Poetry Means To Me

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 00:32 -- jon934


United States
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Is a way
For someone
To express themselves
When they can't
Speak, or are
Afraid to encounter
Whatever is outside
Of their comfort.

Gives me
Freedom to express
Whatever I feel,
Whatever I experience
Into simple words,
Coherent or not,
They are still words.

Lets me
Think about
My life and its value
Since it is a simple life,
Not much happens,
Just me, my family,
My friends, my enemies,
And everyone in between.

But I'm ok with that.
Because my life is simple.
Poetry may look simple, but
It comes from the minds of
Limitless imagination.
And I'm ok with that

This is what poetry means to me.


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