What poetry means to barbie


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A bunch of scrambled words vomited it upon a page
Gleaming with a contrast of feelings and opinion
Some may relate to it some may not
It could be about love or life or an activist though
It can be long or it can be short
There can be a tune to go along with it perhaps you can even dance to it
It has been around for ages since before Shakespeare era
And it will continue to live on
There are many different forms of this style of writing
Form a young age we learn random phrases and random thoughts written upon a page
These thoughts
These opinion
These feelings
Are called a poem
Reading many forms of this classy form of opinions and thoughts
Makes one realized that somewhere someone in the world
Is going through what you are going through
Someone somewhere in the world shares the exact same opinions as you
That is poetry to me sharing ones feelings through the form of writing


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