What Poetry Is To Me

Poetry is a song

that sings from within


The beat and the melody

perfectly blended


Of thoughts expressed

and uniquely their own


It's a voice unheard

that speaks from the soul


Words of love, rhymes of thought

tears of joy and sorrow

It's a picture in a frame

a portrait of sorrow


It's the voice of a people,

that demands to be heard


Tools for the task?


Pen on paper

The mind of a Word Smyth


The heart and vision

the voice of a poet

that speaks from within


Poetry is thought brought into life

a flower unfolding to spring


It's the sound of water flowing

a wandering stream


It's the undiscovered country

that lives in our dreams


It's the wind and the rain

the falling of leaves

It's the sway of treetops

as they blow in the breeze


It's the storm in the distance

yet still far away

It's the sounds of thunder

bright flashes of light


The downpour of rain

in the darkness of night


It's the look in your eyes

a reflection of light


A reflection of power

a surrender to love's might


It's the quiet giving in

to our passionate desire


It's holding your hand in the rain


Poetry's like the ocean, in storm

It's the twisting, churning

sounds of the sea


It's the crashing of waves

and birds flying high

It's the sun shining down

on the beach as we lay


It's the peaks of tall mountains

that rise in the distance

The warmth of a fire

my love in my arms


It can be of pure joy

or the quiet sadness of tears


It's kindly given words

to a friend that's in need


Poetry is laughter

music and cheer


It's the chance to hangout,

to be with those who are dear


It's the bad times,

the good times,

all the times in between


It's moments

 The memories

Those precious and dear

The ones we hold on to

in the passing of years


It's the laughter 

of good times

we've shared

in the past


It's thought

the pure essence

that yearns to be free

It's the spirit within us

finally released


It has to be God

I must say in the end


It's he, the master poet

who created all things


It's he who's given us

our voices to sing


It's also the look

as you lie in deep slumber


It's the early morning sun

that shines down upon you


It's your beautiful smile

the love that you give.


It's the life that we share

In the joy of the morning

His beautiful grace


© God ▪︎Inspired💫WordSmyth▪︎J963 ▪︎ January 29, 2023

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