What poetry has done for me



Don’t force it, don’t let the world know you weak, you can’t be black and weak , our race has just started to reach our peak? Beat me tell me I’m sensitive but am I actually human, fuck I’m slipping into my own thoughts , I just thought that I was human, I thought I could actually feel pain without getting whooped for feeling pain. Tears run down my face , now I’m vulnerable I have nowhere to run, every time I feel like giving up my first option was that gun, but I ain’t talkin about the bullets, you ain’t shit just like ya daddy, you following his footsteps , I hate this nighas soul though, but why do I become what I hated so much why do I lust and sexualize women, why do I cheat on my girl just for 20 second happiness I put her at the back, and put lust first, how can I figure out my emotions, as I cry in emotional distress because I’m fucking stressed, moms ain’t here no more to talk me through life, where do I run, nah not the gun, I can’t even feel pain, cousin jasmine died, and not a single tear shed, my body is walkin while I’m dead, eighteen years young and I already want to get the gun, crying over a dead mom and a deadbeat dad ain’t fun. But I keep writing, I keep writing I keep writing until my fingers cramp up, I write like my life depends on it , I put my whole life into writing so I don’t put my whole life in a bullet, to be honest if I was to get in a car accident and end up on life support ain’t shit to live for just pull it. Poetry let’s me feel alive within my own thoughts , it let’s me know deep down side I ain’t the reason why I fuck up. As I’m drowning in despair and darkness, my fingers right not too hard just light, and as I write my fingers give my body life, to admiring myself, to loving myself, to loving you, to loving everyone. Writing poetry has become a habit that has became a necessity,it has became a tool that I was able to develop to let people know it’s okay to be sad, depressed because life wasn’t built to be filled with joy and happiness, from day one the only thing that is destined for sure is death. Not money not happiness no hope or love, death is the only thing promised, something we can never avoid , and if this writing shit helps me cope with my destiny then I say to those who created slam poetry thank you. Thank you for giving me life, and giving me time to get my life right.



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