What is Poetry?

It's not just a string of words

Set out before you like an array of different cheeses

At a fancy party.

That's not what poetry is.

It's not just about the swing,

The thing that moves you out of your seat

And wishes to rip outside of your skin

To become immersed in that beat.

That's not what poetry is.




The amount of lines,

The amount of pauses






You don't just say it,

You don't just feel it,

You become it.

It's that tear rushing down your face

As you realize those words were made

Just. For. You.

It's the tranquility of the silence when a poem is finished,

Only to be met by the thunderous roar of applause.

It's the emotion of a poem that makes it great,

Not the commas and parenthesis.

Without emotion,

A poem is just the product

Of factory-made sentences.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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