What is Peace?


Peace, oh, what is Peace?

I hear the word often, but I have never seen its manifestation.

A country that sells a lie it itself cannot comprehend, talks of Peace.

They know not the meaning of the word Peace.

They tell the soldier "at ease".

But how can you be at ease

When the world around you crumbles.

Children and allies fall as countries play with their toy soldiers.


Like the game of Jenga, countries can never win the game of Peace.

With military actions as the next block in the stack, the world's Peace comes down

While profits for the Arms Industry soar in the cloaking uniform of the American eagle.

Freedom is what they scream.


We must free the oil, free the government, free the corporations,

But not the people.

Then there will be Peace,

Or so they feel.


I see not what they heal.



You are taught to make money,

But how to help others?


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