What Options Do I Have?

What options do I have?
I searched for a love that made sense
I searched for an understanding to life
I searched for myself but realized
I am not from earth or heaven
I am not from the grass or sky
I am not fire or water
Not from books did I learn
Not from sitting back did I understand
Not from scoring did I realize
I had to seek but I had not yet sought
And love for what?
Time became an essence
Love for the one thing that made sense in this corrupted world
Love for the beauty of this Love
That Lovers can relate to this one soul
That learning only happens by falling over
And getting back up
By losing the ball in such green grass, then to run after it
And reclaim what is yours
And obtain such confidence to dribble and take risks against your enemy
And to unselfish yourself by passing this Love to your brothers
And to go after this Love and eventually accomplish your goal and score
To be free and innocent while you run restlessly amongst your brothers
To discover who you are on the field is who you are off the field
If one day in my life I spend a moment without this Love
This Love that only makes sense in life
What options do I have?



This is my poem.

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