What Once Was Could Change

Fri, 06/07/2019 - 15:46 -- Lxx_24

'You are good and the best' that's what I've been told from time

I doubted the words, thinking that they're nothing but lies

I saw everyone doing great, without even trying

Made me think I could never, leaving a kid pathetically crying

Time flew by, I thought I knew it all

People questioned my thoughts proved me I was nothing but wrong

I took a step back, feeling that I could never learn

Realized my mistakes, scarred on my hands as if they were bruns

I tried to look back, hoping that I have somewhat changed

But honestly, I could've sworn that I am still the same

'Are you okay? I'm here if you need to talk.'

I'm fine thanks, I just need a long walk

Growing up, I've been put through tough situations

Being optimistic felt like my only obligation

I was tired of the thoughts, take my back to 1st grade

But even from them, I kneew my thoughts are still the same

School is a place for knowledge and learning, the idea seemed nice

I went through the most of it, felt suffocating kie a pool of ice

Reality was thrown at my face, I now know the meaning of patience

I can tell my naive and negative self good riddance

I'm eighteen and breathing, I guess I made it this far

My thoughts have been released, little by little in my big jar

Looking back at my childhood, had me unerstand life is hard

What I once was is now dug up in my back yard


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