What more can I say

What More Can I Say?

My love for you is everlasting like time itself;
I’m a poor man but you make me feel like I have all the wealth.
I think about you until my nights turn into days and days back into nights.
Everything that was wrong, your words always make it right.
You’re the picture of perfection that every man paints.
When I think about giving up, I visualize loving you and said I can’t.
The closest distance between two points is a straight line.
I give it to you straight when I write what’s on my mind.
“Love conquers all” WELL, that’s what I was told;
You have awakened the passion that laid dormant in my soul.
They said, over a woman a real man isn’t suppose too cry;
To them I say that’s untrue, its false and a great big lie.
About 5000 B.C. you were Queen 👑 of the land that borders the Nile;
Now is 2020 I still can see royalty in your looks, way of dress and style;
Anything worth having is worth fighting for.
If you love me like I love you, then I’m willing to take many men to war.
Tears will be cried and blood will be lost,
But just like Bonnie and Clyde I’m willing to pay that cost🌹🌹💯🥴😷😷🙉🙊🙈🙈

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