What Makes Me Who I Am


Love is where I began, a point from which life started.

Seeking love from a mother, love from a father,

a feeling in the beginning we all wanted.

Relations are made, those that don't break, those that don't falter.

However, time alters all things.

Friends can change, homes can move, and childhood can be forgotten.

I have moved on, but the love I've felt remains in me.

This makes me who I am.


Determination has pulled me through the tides of tough times.

To be determined is to passionatley desire a goal,

and often the path to achievement seems to grow and climb,

and though the path is long, determination keeps me in control.

My goal is to find happiness, but what is happiness without love?

And so, love and determination are those things that have brought me success.

This makes me who I am.


While love and determination can take a person so far,

the world still manages to stop us.

it's times when lost that we need faith to show us where we are.

I walk a path and I often fall, usually worse than last

but in the end, it's faith that guides me, placing my worries in the past.

Having faith in determination and love...

This makes me who I am.  




This poem is about: 
Our world


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