What makes me tick?

Having to struggle to get an education

Waking up to the sound of my mom going to work at the crack of dawn

Fuck her boss for all the discrimination

But she keeps her mouth shut, so the system has already won


Having to worry about how I'm going to pay for college

With all these gunshootings and gangs, who knows if my classmates will even get to college

And why is there always money for jails and guns but never for schools and books?

Having to grow up in a place where I know what a Big Mac is but not a Farmer's Market

Where there is more homelessness than treees growing


Watching a woman's body being dismembered on T.V

Where her mind and intellect is seperate from her body

The less clothes you wear, the more likes you get

The more likes you get, the better you feel about yourself


A generation where our self-image is based on likes 

A generation where we care more about our followers than society's ills

A generation where we would rather be silenced than challenged


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