What Makes Me Tick


United States
39° 1' 7.8924" N, 77° 18' 34.0812" W
United States
39° 1' 7.8924" N, 77° 18' 34.0812" W

We wake up everyday

Some in joy, Some in pain

We've all experienced the hurt

But still we have the nerve

To avert our eyes at every homeless man we see

To witness a crime

And say we dont have time..

To Help

We scream, cry, yell

Murder! Rape! Please Help Me!

But they turn their backs ever so selfishly


We live in denial because it's comfrotable there

We keep our eyes  closed cause once opened we have to care,


How can anyone see such a horrible sight

And not feel anything inside

A world where we can't even be safe in our own homes

A world where we're so connected but never felt more alone


Where bad news, is ALWAYS, bad news

Where theres always something bad, to do

Theres more wrong than right

We battle wrong vs. right

But we're so far left

That we can't even begin to understand the concept

Good vs. Bad, good always win

But the truth is... it's the Bad

The Bad outweighs with so much sin

We're stuck in our transgressions


Even though it's wrong

We continue to hold on

A world that grows more and more sick

This, This Is What Makes Me TICK!





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