What Makes Me Tick


I'm spilling out

what makes me tick. . .

A challenge to be conquered since I normally write about

what makes me sick.

Here goes nothing--it's for a good cause. . .

What gets me going?  Abstract rhymes and a dramatic pause.

Read it out loud,

embrace the flaws.

This is personality and I dig it.

Poetry with no laws,

No reason other than to express-- to escape-- to simply be--

breathe-- and let the words take shape.

Like iron on hot


I flow,



shape and grow

creations that others are incapeable of.

Something so new, and fresh-- it penetrates the bones

and sinks down deep into the hearts of those

who witness.

Sometimes I'm lethal when I'm like this

Like a knife in the hands of a killer, it's hard to fight this. . .

I just can't stop and it might make you sick. . .

I don't speak, I write

and that's what makes me tick.


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