What Makes Me Tick


What Makes Me Tick Is This New Generation Of Social Life. See I Remember Growing Up In a Household Where We Would Sit At The Dinner Table And Talk To Our Family About Our Day. I Remember Going Outside With All Of My Friends To Have Fun While We Play. But Now That Technology Has Improved, No One Wants To Be Seen. Its Like Now Everyone Wants To Hide Behind Some Type Of Screen. Whether Its Their Phone, Their Computer, Or Their Television With a Video Game System Headset; This New Way Of Social Life Just Gets Me So Upset. When I Try To Speak To Most, Their So Tied Up In a Text. It Makes Me Feel As If My Social Life Has Really Left. Who Are We Anymore? Everyone Is Just a Profile. What Happen To The Old-Fashioned Family Oriented Lifestyle. Nomore Sitting At a Table Without Being On Your Phone. In a World Full Of People I Just Feel So Alone. Technology Has Taken Over & It Really Makes Me Sick. I Spoke My Mind And Now You Know What Really Makes Me Tick.


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