What makes me happy!


You know what makes me happy, I like laughter and people lauging, at funny jokes I tell my friends happily, when life goes wrong, we are again laughing, for life without joy is quite sappy. I like to dance walk outside, ride my bike, and run because you know what, Im happy to be alive. If you are not happy, lift your spirit, lift your fingers until i see ten, not only five, in fact i want to see all hands in the air and dont forget to be happy in joy's name, I declare. Be nice , be fair, be glad to be alive, because once you die sad, you will never live again to see the happiness. Live long my people and know that joy and happiness and experience are the things that make me twist and shout so live and jump and turn that sad pout upsidedown, and smile like the happy clown. - Nicholas Atkins

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