What Makes the Fire Dance?

Thu, 01/23/2020 - 15:39 -- loswalt

What makes the f   i r e dance?

What spurs it to flail around foolishly as it does?

It is the flame’s nature to stretch its scorching arms towards the sun

To twirl around itself and merge with its closest friend

Its fingers kissing the surrounding area gingerly

To coax those who watch the dance to fall deep into its spell

Hypnotizing with its swift, agile movements and radiant warmth.


Though rooted on the Earth’s crust

The f   i r e constantly seeks an ascent upwards

Releasing an exhaust of black smoke and glowing embers

In anguish as it fails its mission


What inspires this dance?

Surely some would argue the Devil coerces this enticing routine.

Swirling the plasma between the spaces on his greedy, golden pitchfork.

Mixing up a storm of destruction

Of avarice,





But is not the f   i r e constructive



The flame has progressed mankind

Driven it to miraculous discoveries which prolonged life, expanded territory, even entertained.

The fourth state of matter

Solid, l i q u i d, g  a s…. p   l a   s m a!

God’s miracle for his beloved Adam.

A twisting, turning, twirling flame

To dance forever throughout the age of man.


A reminder of the beauty and possibility of accomplishment

As well as a precaution for the limits bestowed upon mankind.

With great power comes great responsibility.

We are not above God,

No matter how high we reach.

And our exhaust leaves a suffocating,

black mark on the Earth's crust.

And our embers burn deep scarred holes.

God’s gift weaponized,

The Devil a scapegoat

Due to our lack of accountability.


So what makes the f   i r e dance?


But it is us who lock the flame’s feet together

And crack the whip on the dancer to entertain us the way we demand.

It is us who transform the light, wondrous dance into an iron, stumbling march.


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Our world


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