What is Love, Exactly?

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 23:02 -- yeowlex


What is love, Exactly?

Is it more timeless, such as smiling during a kiss,

Or slow dancing with a loved one to a song you've never heard before?

Is it more modern, such as a poke on facebook,

Or countless likes on instagram?

What is love, Exactly?

Is it more gentle, such as a kiss on the forehead,

Or holding hands during a walk in the park?

Is it more belligerent, such as saying vile things we do not mean,

Or crying after a heated argument?

What is love Exactly?

Is it more patient, such as waiting for someone who is not quite sure of themself,

Or listening to the things we may not understand?

Is it more free spirited, such as going with the flow after every date,

Or being adventurous when being in each other's prescence? 

So what is love....Exactly? 



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