What is LOVE?

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 12:08 -- Mavryk

To me love is blissfully blinding like why can’t I be ignorant to the rest of Life. Do you feel alive? Possibly, but this ain’t the love I have for my brothers. I wonder, can love conquer fear? With you my cold soul is set ablaze with flames that rivals Hell. Love is knowing you’re not yet equipped to properly speak her love language and praying someone gets her to forget my negligence. Feeling like she’s always soaring while I watch from the ground just waiting to catch her if she ever needs me. It’s a bittersweet pain as long as she’s genuinely happy with another man. Man, I’m drunk and wanna call her to say I’m better but that just my hurt ego lying to me once again. Until then try not to stir up confusion while dealing with just being a “in the back of the mind” friend. 

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