What Is Love?

All the hearts I can write,

Saving all I can find,

Just to find the one to lucky one,

Whereas gender no matter to me.


Issues of love that try to fight,

True love is a cupid so sweet and kind,

Making more together rather than being alone,

Sending us under the Eiffel Tower from Paris it’ll be.


Every rose that rise increases our minutes of love,

Love songs like violins play a sweet tune of harmony,

Everyone I meet is either handsome or a sweet friend,

Like when we hold hands, staring at the stars with more than two.


When we fight we break but when we are calm we fly like a dove that questions what love is,

Tweeting a tune of a Mozart from a perfect day of all but sunny,

Never to tell a single lie to make us rend,

I am saying all of this to steal a kiss; because I love you...


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Our world
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