What is Love?


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Love is the sound of birds chirping loudly every spring morning. Love is the way lovers whisper in the the dark. Love is involved in the life of animals and humans alike. But they birds will sing no matter what kinds of birds they are. A person will not hear a gentle whisper when others criticize them in his or her face. Love is a unique emotion. It has no limit or boundary. It causes nothing but joy and compassion for another living soul. Animals have no judgement. They do not discriminate against each other. They are free to sore with the other bird they are with, high above the cruel world below. A person may love a person. It does not matter the gender, sex, race, social status, physical appearance, etc. what matters is the heart and soul inside. Ones who can not see all love is beautiful and equal are the ones who fail to accept love into their own lives. To accept love, to be in love, and to love yourself, you must be open to all possibilities. Love is stronger than gravity, stronger than hate and ignorance. Use this emotion given to us for good. Love who you are, and love others for who they are. Nothing matters except the soul inside, their personality, and kindness towards others. Learn from the people who have the biggest hearts. Help the people who constantly live without love. Love is a story always unfolding. Love hold many people of all kinds in it's grasp. Do not try to break free, for love is our greatest power.

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amazing......you made me look at love in a different way. you broke it down so much you can't help but understand. I really appericate love. You are a geat poet.


I really like this. Great Job!


A wonderful message! :)

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