What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Well here it is;
It's something that drives us together
Because we can't stand to be apart
It's when our worlds are collided
Because we want to experience it together
It's when you show me off
Because you want everyone to appreciate me like you do

Love to me is when
You're there to back me up
When you smile because I smile
When you cry because I cry
Because you love me

It's when I listen to you talk about your passion,
Just too see the sparkle in your eyes
It's when you and I are free,
Yet together
It's when I adore all your flaws
Because I love you

What is Love?

Well here it is;
It's the passion I have for you
It's the desire you have for me

It's our hearts being in sync
It's us being connected

What is love?

Well there it is.

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