What is Love?

What is love?


Love was when you told me you couldn't imagine your life without me.


It was when you kissed me for the first time and I felt my heart nearly explode.


Or when we opted to stay in and watch our favorite show together and eat greasy pizza instead of going out.


How about when you convinced me to ditch my friends because they didn’t really like  me, not like you did?


Or when you told me you were only going through my phone because you wanted to protect me.


Remember when you told me I couldn’t leave the house because my clothes would make others stare at me and make you jealous?


I suppose it could have been when you made me quit my job, I know you just wanted to make my life easier.


And then it was when I thought we should take a break and you told me no one could ever love me like you.


Somehow it became when you would hit me and yelled at me, because you were helping me become better.


Then it was when you sent me to the hospital and told me I wouldn’t have anyone if I left you.


When did this become love?


I suppose it never really was.


But then I left and found myself again and realized what love was.


It was getting to spend my parents birthdays with them.


Love was when I got to see my little siblings graduate.


It was when I went out with my friends and didn’t have worry about what anyone thought about me.


It was when eventually I found someone new, and they never showed me love the way you did.


I just wish I had known earlier that what you gave to me was never love.


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