What is Love


What is this mysterious emotion that everyone feels

A deceptive commutative property

In Self discovery

I gotta find who I am

It's something that everyone feels but me

Am I yet again emotionless bottomless pit



Is this thing that I can't conceptualize

Cause in the deepest waves there is no feeling but numbness left with just an ounce of pain

A wicked emotion that is both blinding and heartfelt

Full of heartache

Such a bittersweet kinda candy

That always has a surprise inside

Never knowing truly till the end what kinda love you're gonna get



Is that person who told you they loved you but never really understood their own emotion

Cause lust is what's taught in our communities

We teach our girls to cover up and be ashamed

Yet we teach our males to be proud of who they are go after what they want and never take no as just the answer.



Is worse than physical pain but a sort of mental pain

That can't always be seen but felt throughout the ages

You can feel a sense of loss as your body recognizes that person

You loved

And the promises yall made

Would never come to be

Cause y'all would never be the same



Love can be like a morning summers rain in a field of flowers

A Lovely kinda feeling

Of hope peace and promise of the future

Something sweet

The reckoning of me

The true beginning of me

The rapture

But truth is it's all the same

Cause just as it brought you up it can bring me back down

Just as it brought you down it can bring me back up

With just the simple words because I love you


I love you can change my whole day



Is this mysterious emotion that we will never even come close to mastering

It makes us do wonderful and even crazy things

Yet it can cause self destruction and harm if not used properly



Is something I can't begin to explain cause it just is and will continue to be



Is this mysterious emotion that everyone feels

A deceptive commutative property

In Self discovery


Love Is something that I will always covet deeply


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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