What is Love

Thu, 02/18/2016 - 15:53 -- akmata

What is love?

Love was the pain in my throat.

It was the words I couldn't say,

The words that went astray.

Love was the pain in my chest.

From seeing someone else make him smile,

And knowing I could never do the same.

Love was dark and love was cold.

But now I know

What love really is.

Love is the joy you bring to my heart.

Seeing you smile

Is enough to make me do the same.

Love is how you watch out for me.

As your hand reaches out for mine,

To make sure I dont fall behind.

Love is warm and love is kind.

Love is everything you do.

Because everything I do

Is because I love you.

Which is why I can say

That love,

Is you.





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