What is Love?


What is Love?

Is love a spark that grows inside two people who enjoy every moment of each other?

Does this love everyone talks about grow in a special garden where it needs to be harvest and taken care of?

 How does this love work? Do you need to buy it at a store and pay millions of dollars just to give it to the person you care about the most?

                                                                          What Is Love?

There are four types of love so I’ve been told. Each of them with a particular task.


Is love Greek god of Eros? A god of sexual desire and attraction or is love a storage love.  A natural bond between mother and child.

Is love a Phileo love? In which you are surrounded by affection and the warm feeling of the other person? Or is your love Agape? A love in which you would surrender your life just to see that special person live in grace?


What is Love?


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