What Life Taught Me

We all want to be loved,

In this judgemental world.

"Accept me for who I am!"

Says the judgemental girl.

We all point fingers

At who or what needs to change.

"No one will love you like that!"

Says the person who stays the same.

Stop. Think. Reflect.

Write. Change. Respect.

Today, our closed, judgemental minds are seen as normal health.

Notice: The people you hate, reflect what you hate in yourself.

STOP behaving as if you're better than anyone....

You wanna change somebody? Be the first one.

I'll start, I'm beautiful but sometimes I get insecure about my worth.

But I'm not the type to try to DOWNGRADE that other beautiful girl, of hers.

Stop the negativity.

Stop the judging.

Because underneath all that hatred,

Is a great person in need of discovering.

Love who you are,

Then you can love everyone else.

Accept life's lessons.

And accept yourself.


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