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*Poem by Alick Mushekwa*

*"What a life!"*

A life full of demands to which a stomach is a witness

Working hard is a motto of everyman, yet love of money is man's weakness.

Bodies sweat, as if from the refrigerator, believing after all of this they will have sweet!

"Sweat for sweet" has become the talk of every poor man, however, not every sweat assures success

Some people sweat in performing rituals of raping young girls, for them to get rich....

Tell me is this;

sweat for sweet?

Having a perception is not having a vision....

Thinking every droplet of rain gives life to plant is terrible absurdity of its highest order...

Out of the worst you can become the best

You have to believe in order to overcome the test

Life is two sided, lying on both sides of a river

If you want you can live on other side of the river

*"What a life!"*

Life is like a guitar, no need to struggle, or to battle. Just placing a finger on a string, it gives a sound worth raising the dead....
What an instrument worth playing, even without paying it uplifts one's soul
An instrument that brings awesome moments worth shaking a monument.

*What a life!*
It brings joy to those who are ready to be and gives a smile to a wrinkled face.
Purpose of living to a hopeless life and bestows consolation to an angry soul...

It is not the actual guitar, but the word of God.
The gospel is so nice when received, but bitter when swallowed.
*What a life!*
A life full of strings, and things to conquer
When you are ambitious, without God you don't take longer
But you can believe in God to live longer
*What a life!*

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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