What is Life?

What is life?

is it a thing or is it a given blessing?

There are so many questions in the world. How do you know what is the answer to the question?

You can't just think about it. You have to be in that life each and everyday. 

You can't just not care about life. Sometimes life may or may not make sense.

It takes time to figure out what life is really about. 

What is life?

Life is part of nature. Without life you wouldn't be you everybody wouldn't be everybody. 

How can you be part of life?

How did life started?

Life started when it wanted to start. 

How did life change from a child to an adult?

How does your life fly by?

Questions like that are hard to answer about.

Enjoy life as you can cause maybe it won't be the same in the future. 

What is life to you?


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