What Kind Of Shit Is This?!

Walking home from work

I notice that my wife sitting at the dinner table.

My three children were upstairs playing.

However, the house is not cleaned.

I said to myself "What kind of shit is this?!"

Walking into the club

I notice a man from the far side of the room.

But, his dameaner was like a pimp.

I said to myself, "What kind of shit is this?!"

Sitting in the salon chair

I notice a woman that was cutting another person's hair.

She was trying to get a number from this fine brotha.

But she had a hairstyle of "I Dream of Jeanie" top with a "Good Times" bottom.

I said to myself, "What kind of shit is this?!"

Arrived at a wedding

I watched my brother walk down the line.

His ankle was hurting from his ankle monitor.

Now, his wife just married someone who cant even go any where.

I said to myself, "Now, this is some bullshit!"


-Lauren Pointer


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