What Is It About You

Fri, 12/13/2019 - 11:02 -- csb

It's the eyes.

I know it is.

I know them.

They get deeper the longer I look into them;

They look deeper into me the longer they look at me.

I fear them, sometimes,

But not as much as I crave them.

I fear that when you look at me, you see I'm not enough.

But I can't stand for you not to look at me either.

Your eyes used to focus on me,

When I entered the room,

When I spoke.

When I looked at you, 

You were already looking at me.

When your eyes caught mine, they also 

Caught my heart.

My eyes look for the light in yours

to tell me that it will be okay.

That we will be okay.

That you will keep looking at me.

That you will always see me.

Truly see me.



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