What is it?


It is not a writhing mass

for you to take.


It comes without shape

or size, or weight.

It's not quite a feeling,

or a thought that you have.

It's not very simple,

but it wants to be found.

And once you think you understand

you find that it has ruined your plan.

It can come without reason,

or warning, or means.

We see it most clearly

asleep in our dreams.

It is built on the trust

that everyone can bend.

Alive with the idea

that there's nothing to win.

It's more than a relationship

it's healing and……..stuff.

There's not one term

to describe it enough.

In english we call it “love”

and hope it does just.


Through all the trials

or pain or aches

love makes it worth it:

takes it place.

And every decision you might fear

ends with “Because I love you”

and then it's clear:

It's for protection, not scars.

Love makes no excuses,

or threats, or true harm

With honesty, it is pure

like a clear flowing stream

And calamity only comes

when you forget to breath

Love is a melody

to whisper and sing.

Caressing your dearest,

it's the closeness it brings.


Love is ever changing,

and mysterious and strange.

Different in its essence

but it's name stays the same.

It is faith, not beauty

that gives love its strength,

forging the bonds of forgiveness

that nothing can break

It's realizing that problems

are never far behind

But knowing that together,

anything can thrive.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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