What Is It Like

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 01:37 -- ALF

What is it like to feel wanted?

Waking up in the morning knowing someone is waiting to hear from you.

What is it like to feel loved?

Knowing that no matter what you say or do that person will still be there.

What is it like to feel beautiful?

To look at yourself in the mirror and love your body, your shape, your skin tone, and know you’re beautiful.

What is it like not feeling alone?

Having everyone on your side, through the tough times or even the good times.

What is it like knowing that you can hurt just one person and still have them love you?

What is it like not knowing what life really is?

….What is it like?

Is it feeling God is always on your side?

Like your untouchable, undefeated?

Does it make you feel like nothing you say or do is wrong?

Or does it make you realize that even the strongest people do the wrong things sometimes.

That some of the things you do or say are actually not okay and that the people that truly love you, you’re actually lucky to have.

That even though you think you’re perfect, you’re really not.

….What is it like…..What is it truly like?


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