What The Island Took

I find myself alone On an island unfamiliarWith nothing but myself And a feeling drawing nearer. It is like a fog, All consumingly ominousAnd as it creeps through my skull and brainMy terror becomes bottomless. How long have I been here?It’s been a long time since I’ve known.I don’t know the specific numberBut every day I’ve been alone. I have nothing with meI’ve been talking to myselfEspecially as of late,To myself I’ll say farewell. The sun is beating down on meAs I remember the time beforeI was marooned on this islandMemories I do deplore. “What would you bring if you were on an island?”My answers have changed significantly.Before it would have been my favorite book.Always I'd say The Great Gatsby. But once I got here, there was no time for booksAlthough time was all I hadAll I wanted was something simpleAnd now it’s slipping from my grasp. As the sun sets on my mindI think of Tom and Nick and DaisyFor the only thing I wanted to keepWas my sanity. 


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