What Inspires Me

What inspires me is a bit of a complex thing

Sometimes, it is as simple as an wedding ring.

A golden crown, a golden promise, complete with glimmering jewels,

Yet, years later, broken, and surrounded by tools.

However, in the skilled jeweler's hand, steadfast despite the widow's story,

The ring is restored, once again shimmering, once more to its former glory.


What inspires me is an insigificant moment

Such as a grand gift's bestowment.

A child's bright, wonderfilled eyes on Christmas morning.

A warm, fuzzy blanket while the outdoors are storming.

A simple smile from an unknowing stranger

Who just saved a little girl from putting herself in mortal danger.


What inspires me are the miserable times

When not a single phrase seems to want to rhyme.

When life's burdens seem to be too much to bear.

When you cry out, begging, pleading, wondering if anyone would care.

The tears at night when you only hear screaming,

When your only source of hope, of happiness, is miles away, dreaming.


What inspires me is a life of fortitude,

Someone who never forgets to return gratitude.

A woman who never leaves her husband's side

Despite the many that have begged her to try, pushed her, and even pried.

The man who never gives in to wandering eyes,

Knowing that the one at home is the true prize.


What inspires me is a complex thing,

From forebearance, hidden gems, and the restored wedding ring.

From my own fears, my own tears, consolidated throughout the years,

My heartbroken peers, as the honeymoon phase clears.

But truly, as I write, one thing becomes apparent,

The muses, the beautiful moments, seem to be in human nature, inherent

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