What Inspires Me

Inspiration is like an open sea

Spread out there before me

With its silent ebb and flow

It takes me to worlds i’ll never know


A smile from a random stranger 

There is no need to fear the danger

Strangers hold a great mystery 

Like stories throughout history


Inspiration is like a field of flowers

Going on for endless hours

Season come and seasons go

The little things i see and know


Stars above they shine so bright

Inspiring me to write through the night

Characters whisper in my ear

Their stories i hold very dear


Birds are calling and aflutter

Begging me to write another

The world around me is so vast

One day i hope to have a movie cast


The world is my novel

Even in a tiny hovel

What inspires me you ask

Inspiration you see is no easy task


Writers pull from the world around

Above the clouds and on the ground

Among the lies there is truth

And eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth


My dream is to be the best of the best

With many books among the rest

So go and put me to the test

And watch as i rise to the daunting quest


Like a family or a friend

With their love that’ll never end

My biggest fans and supporter

Help give my life meaning and order


A past of darkness and depression

Get me through an emotional session

A life of happiness and glee

As radiant as the sun in me


The surf and sand 

Go hand in hand

As I write 

On this night


Inspiration as a poet

I never dared to truly know it


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