What Imagination Brings

If you really want to know me…

I prefer to stay outside of the box-- imagining I’m a fierce
Someimes I put on a lucious gown and adventure through the yard as
I dream of one day having a handy Cyclops
and living to the day when we will no longer need shots.
I aspire to have a bright future
and maybe one day I will travel to Jupiter.
I am a super sister
and someday I’ll possibly get myself a magnificent mister.
I am a strong student that never whines
and want to be as brilliant as Einstein.
I am a dedicated athelte who believes in friendly competition
and one day I will get myself complete college tuition.
I am known to be a tremendous chatterbox
and no one will EVER make me wear the same colored socks.
I believe in laughter and funny jokes
and love to hear a story with a funky hoax.
I stand tall and upright like a full grown oak
And look forward to the day when I will learn how to float.
I live. In a world of HOPE!!!!

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This Poem addressses my naive asrpirations and dreams that i still hold dear as i move forward into college.

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