What if

what if the blind are the only ones who can see the truth

what if the deaf focus on more important things, beyond the noise of the worldwhat if the jester is the most depressed man alivewhat if the poor live the richest liveswhat if the dog knew how to speak but knew how empty words are and decided never to cheapen its time with you with themwhat if the owl was asking for your name as it echoed its call through the night what if the human eye only detects a specific spectrum because we could not handle seeing what's hidden what if the bird is scared of heights and only flies because the traffic on land is a hasslewhat if the cricket was a romantic violinist who was put under a hex years ago by a jealous witch what if the horse is actually a unicorn, but it does not have a long enough lifespan to grow its hornwhat if the clam is just a vault for mermaids to keep their pearls inwhat if the dew is the grass's tears it sheds at night waiting for the beloved sun to returnwhat if the spider's passion is crochetingwhat if when an artist dies they paint that day's sunset or sunrise and the sea foam rolling in with the tide is the eraser shavings the sun makes when clearing the canvas for the next painting


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