What I Wish to Say


I sit in this class,

Boredom running its fingers through my hair.

Teacher is talking history,

Delving into some guy's affair.


Then we move on to slavery,

A topic I have learned of before.

I'm tempted to join the railroad,

And walk right out that door.


New world expansion and feuds,

Elections this, and wars that.

This history never changes,

And yet we keep going back.


I'm wasting my time,

And I'm wasting my money.

This course is killing me,

And it all sounds like baloney.


I get out of my seat,

And head towards the exit.

Teacher says stop,

I say I would rather perish.


This college is nonsense,

Yet I am doomed to it.

Paying all this money,

And getting no real credit.


Trapped by the debt,

That stems from the loans.

I will sink to my grave,

And rescue myself from the groans.


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