What I will carry on with me

I'm 18 and about to graduate. This is where my mother once stood.

She was bright, intelligent, beautiful, and cunning. I became the best parts of her.

But she was unfortunate. College just wasn't part of the plan.

The daughter of a painter, who was married to the schizophrenic.

She found young love, believed he must be the one.

First came the eldest daughter, than the second one.

She realizes maybe this marriage was a mistake.

So mommy and daddy broke the news and went seperate ways.

She found love again, to a charming spanish guy.

Who knew he would obtain such a mysterious, evil side.

But she had to make it work, because now she had my brother and I.

Until it hit the breaking point, and he damaged the family to the core.

Now here was mommy with four kids, broke, and newly divorced.

But we were her angels, and she would do anything provide.

Working two jobs during the day, and a third scrubbing toilets at night.

She had given up on love, she just wanted a degree.

Two years later, how proud of a daughter I was to be.

In the most unexpected time, came along a man.

Someone different, someone real, and treated her like a queen.

Up until then it was just mommy, but quickly became the dad of my dreams.

He took on every burden she bared. He healed the wounds of our family so deep.

He brought life to this broken home, and because of him our family was complete.

so now here I am eighteen years old, I am who my mother used to be.

Everything she did up until this point, was to give this opportunity to me.

The first in the family to go off to college, the first to obtain a bachelors degree.

And the best lessons taught from both my mother and father, is what I will carry on with me.


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