What I want to be


I have a motivation

A motivation to succeed

I will work just as my parents before me

Just as they have planted the seed


A job making people feel better

A job with kindness, and empathy

Just as I would want for my family

Working with adults and children, respectfully


My dream is to help those who can’t

Especially those not able to speak

Those not able to say vowels or consonants

Does not make them weak


A job to help a father say to his daughter

“I love you.” With all of his heart

After having trouble for months

Is a job that I want to start


No matter the pay, or stress,

The hardships or labor

To help someone is a gift

They can even be your neighbor


The road will be hard

I say this warily

No other job is like this

That’s why I want to be in Speech Therapy






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