What I Stand For

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"Stand tall," mother reminds
"So people look up to you."
Stand tall so you demand respect
Then, they will listen: give importance to your voice
You are one that none should forget."

"Stand strong," father compels,
"So, people can admire you.
Show how unique, how wonderfully made you are.
They will see, and know, if you stand strong."

"Stand steady,' my friend whispers,
"Don't waver for I may fall.
You are essential, a rock, a shield,
A safe place amidst a storm. For me, stand steady."

I stand
I stand tall so I am not swept away.
I stand strong so I may see the light of day.
I stand steady because there is no one to hold me
I stand still for I am weary.

There is chaos before me, destruction behind.
If I stand tall, strong, steady, still, I may,
One day, reach the heavens above me,
There rest awaits me,
'Till then I stand.

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