What I See

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 13:26 -- vidakid


Perspective, it is truly a beautiful aspect within itself. Used only to make a decision, it is different with every person in any given scenario. What one sees, the others will not. The perspective of my own has been altered by my fellow peers, the ones of my generation. It is them who determine my perspective. The image I see greatly affects the one I am painting. I will admit, that I am somewhat ashamed of my generation. We have been blessed with diversity, yet everyone wants to be the same. We have been blessed with technology, but no one wants to produce work of their own. Teens are trying to live up to the standards that other teens set. What clothes to wear, how to speak, how to make their decision, it really is a depressing generation. But, I will not be so blind, because this applies to the majority of my generation. There is another sector to this pie, rebelling against the majority and their members preaching conformity and compliance. That is the problem right there, they devote too much of their time trying to be like everyone else, when they are blinded to the problems and conflict associated with those actions. There are too many teenagers being arrested for gang violence, too many teenagers becoming fathers and mothers, too many teenagers dying. If they don't physically die, they mentally die. We need to start motivating ourselves and realize, we have to stop being against one another because we are all that we have. We feel like we can change everyone's mind to go along with what we think and idolize, when that is the wrong wat to go about it. We need to stop trying to change another person's perspective, and motivate them to have one of their own.​ This what I see through my eyes and contemplate with my mind. But who am I, but another person trying to change your perspective about perspective. 

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