What I Learned From Women.

My mom is blount, but kind. She is loud, but she listens when the time is needed to listen. I watched her carefully as I grown into a man. I learned how to be kind and a great listener from her. 

I met this lady on a train to upstate, PA. She was opened and kind. She cried for her children because most of them were not doing the right things. I watched as tears fell from her eyes to hit the hard plastic seats of the train. I learned from her that vulnerability is not weakness, but a way to heal. 

I have four sisters, but I grew up in the house with two of them. I saw how boys in their lives tried to woo them with false promises and deceit. From my two sisters I learned how to be a protector and to speak truth to them when they are being lied to. 

I know of many women who had a man walk out on them and then they were by themselves raising their children. I saw how these women never quit and they thrived through adversity. I learned from these women that women in fact can be great leaders and overcomers. 

I know of Mrs. Humphreys who gave me advice and council when I needed it the most. I watched as she never complained through terrible situations. I learned from her that whatever predicament that I am in life, that God is always good and I must continue to push on without complaining. 

I learned a lot from the women in my life. I learned how to cry and keep my head up. I learned that being expressive is not feminine, but it's a thing that men can do too. I am thankful for all the women that impacted me. 




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My family
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