What I Hold Of Long Ago

My heart do reveal what it holds of long ago 
in those weak darken hours 
He kissed the girls and made them cry
Even the queen of his life 
Who never lost our put up a fight 
Who never say a word 
Those hard-faced queens of misadventure 
God knows what is hidden 
Fiery throngs of muted angels 
Giving love but getting nothing back
Hope is the thing with feathers and wings 
The soul that sings 
The tune without the words 
but the heart knows what the notes are 
That song holds the hearts 
People walk around to find a new day a new life 
But if you're homesick don't cry 
give me your hand and I'll hold it 
I will make you feel safe 
I will cry with you in those dark hours 
of the rushing storms of  pains that don't go away 
That old gray cloud will one day fad 
And nothing will drag  us down 
We will fly on high in that big beautiful sky 
If I had know how to stop the rain 
I would do it now 
because it hurts me to see you cry 
I we just have to dance in the rain and sing loud 
don't let the pain  bring you down 
To let go of the heartache that was given to me
I'd be cold as a stone and rich as a fool can be 
running in the dark I was scared 
Dark Angel 
turned all those good hearts away
But I will not be like that 
Hearts do bleed so do mine 
I cry all the time
I am not mean 
God knows what is hiding in this world 
of little consequence that had behind the tears 
inside the lies of Dark Angels cries 
The life of the dark isn't nice 
This is where the lonely heart cry for the end of misery
This is where they roam with out love to hold 
in a world to cold 
With out someone to call their own 
A thousand slowly dying sunsets 
Guess the loneliness came knocking at my door 
No one needs to be alone so why am I 
Give me your hand and I'll hold it if you want me to 
Nothing will drag me down any more then it had 
Just let it all cry out in the rain 
I've seen the coldest nights on the land of the dark side,
I seen rain in so much pain 
I had even heard the Mediterranean Sea cry out to me 
In the dark rushing winds of deep mourning of the 
those broken heart'ed souls of long ago 

Lilly Emery
Dark Angel



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